Innovative Moving Wall Systems


Products : All Aluminum Folding Door System

At the heart of every ActivWall System is an aluminum frame component designed for strength, durability and product flexibility. This component has been carefully designed to enable ActivWall products to do things that other systems simply cannot do. Starting with this energy efficient and thermally-broken component, other component parts are added for a complete system.

Designed for weather resistance and structural performance, ActivWall's aluminum systems come in two frame thicknesses. Most systems are made from a 62 mm frame (just under 2 1/2") that will meet most customer needs. However, situations exist that require greater energy efficiency, so ActivWall offers a 70 mm frame that is approximately 2 3/4" in thickness.  

Systems are either top-hung or floor-mounted using ActivWall's proprietary carriage systems. Adjustable hinges allow fine adjustments between panels to ensure smooth operation.

Glazing options are practically limitless, from single tempered or laminated glass, to high-performance insulated safety glass, with special tints as required by your project.  Frame color options include our standard and custom color, high-quality powder coatings as well as anodized finishes.