Innovative Moving Wall Systems


Folding, Sliding & Swinging Door Systems

ActivWall introduces "The Latest Innovation In Moving-Wall Systems."

The Moving-Wall is a unique architectural product that allows folding, sliding, and swinging door or window panels to be opened and closed in order to create spacious wall openings.

Folding glass doors and windows take what would otherwise be ordinary living spaces and transforms them into something rather extraordinary. Indoor living spaces become an extension of the outdoors when connected to patios, decks and other outdoor living areas.

ActivWall's unique product line is made primarily from recyclable and sustainable materials such as aluminum, wood and glass. FSC® certified wood is available in a variety of species for LEED® projects and the environmentally conscious.

Architects and builders continue to find new and innovative uses for this unique product. Whether connecting indoor with outdoor spaces, or for interior applications where two rooms sometimes need to become one, an ActivWall may be your design solution for opening glass walls.